Breakup checklist

So, as the blog title suggests I am a new single mum…….. Ok maybe not yet. I am in a relationship (don’t scorn me yet) but I am planning to leave “the boyfriend” very soon and try to make it all by myself. My son is 6 and I think he’ll be fine to be honest, I am the one that’s panicking – I’ve never been on my own so i’m sure it will be a bit of a shock.

So, some background information, I am 22 and have been with “the boyfriend” since we were 15 (when I said I’ve never been alone I wasn’t kidding!) as we’ve gotten older we want different things (me: more children, marriage. him: cars, pub) and I don’t think we can overcome the fact that our long time goals are different. Also as we’ve gotten older we have less and less in common and I’m sick of him not doing the washing up and leaving pants everywhere (small thingsĀ I know but they do contribute to the bigger picture) I feel like I took over from his mum – not good!

I am planning to take the leap in the next few months and I have a few key reasons for not doing it at this very moment. I am unemployed, I know feminism etc., I was working but they hours were killing me and I decided I wanted to spend more time with out son and “the boyfriend” and I were trying for another childĀ so I would have given up work then any way (he didn’t want the child apparently he felt pushed into trying – good thing I didn’t get pregnant). So first on the list is to find a job (which is super hard by the way if you want school hours). Second on the list is somewhere to live. To be honest I would rather move out, at the moment we live in a flat and this is a chance for me to have a garden.

I’m off now (to continue the job hunt) – wish me luck!!





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