Back to school

The kids are back in school – sucess!

Now with the little one out of the way I can focus on arranging chaos which is my life. 6 weeks is such a long time to try and entertain a child, especially when they have  no real concept of money. 

I am well on the way to getting a job and have an interview Friday. I am not good at interviews but hopefully the person doing the interview will look past my bumbling demeanour and see that I would be a decent worker bee.

I have also found somewhere to live (I know I could make “the boyfriend” move out when we split but I would rather leave since we don’t have a garden). Luckily my mother has just moved in with her boyfriend who now has an empty house right near my son’s school – win! So I shall move in when I have a job and have finally told “the boyfriend” that he’s “the ex boyfriend”. 

Bye for now!! 


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