Tinder is a weird & wonderful place full of wankers, fuckboys, cheaters, weirdos and the occasional normal person. 

But yesterday I matched with & got chatting to someone who didn’t fit completely into any of those categories (as far as I know anyway). I found a submissive guy, now I know what your thinking but wipe it from your head as he’s gorgeous but still I thought it was a play at first (hook a girl in act like she can do what she wants ect) but after chatting for a while i am now (possibly through my own niavity) conviced he’s what he appears to be which is more frightning than anything else. I have so many questions im nearly bursting! Think I’m gonna take him out for coffee, logically I know he’s an adult but I get the vunerable vibe I just can’t ignore! And I(in hindsight) stupidly gave him a link to my blog so he’s probably reading this ๐Ÿ™ˆ

The thought of him watching me shag other men is appealing though, been screwed over by the ex so badly the thought of control is tempting but I just don’t think I’m equipt to deal with it, I’m not particularly dominant either. To much potential for me to screw him over. He’s such a lovely guy I wouldn’t want to hurt him so might just shag him once, give him a stern warning women and mabey stay mates so i can vaugely look out for him?? 

Anyone have any form of experience with stuff like this, I’m soooo out of my depth, am keeping an open mind though 


8 thoughts on “Submisive

  1. I hope you go for it! It was really difficult at first and I still struggle but it has been an adventure and isn’t that what being a newly single mom about? I personally think the young submissive guys are the most fun. I look forward to seeing what happens! Enjoy yourself. You deserve it ๐Ÿ˜‹

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    • I’ll deffinatley give it a go! It’s mainly the emotional stuff I’m terrible with, the thought of calling him terrible names & blackmailing him seems pretty frightening but just have to keep reminding myself that he is enjoying stuff like that! It is quite nice though after being so screwed over by my ex to find someone like that, let’s face it, he wants me to put him in a chastity device- would be nice to have someone loyal!! X


      • Exactly! Submissive men are very loyal emotionally. Not that a chastity device hurts ::)
        I had a hard time with saying mean things especially to a sweet man who is doing everything in his power to please me. I felt like such a bitch! I had to keep reminding myself that this is what turns him on. If I was sweet and complimentary, he would probably be turned off. Just another example of how the “Golden Rule” is bullshit!

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  2. An intelligent strong and caring woman is extremely attractive. Being told what she needs from us is very helpful… for us both. Some men always wonder why so many women accept blokes who abuse them. Us men who love and respect women and aren’t criminals often become some sort of post modern monk. Some men actually like seeing women treated properly and valued. No pill to cure this condition has been invented yet x

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