Eviction & erections

Got a lovely letter through the door this morning saying that the local council are planning to take me to court to get me evicted unless we pay off our debt of about £900 or come to some arrangement with the council. So I rang them up (again, have been trying to sort this put for over a month) and was told because I still share a tenancy with the ex (even though he doesn’t live with me) there’s no arrangement I can sort out (unless I want to pay it off In full- with all my non-existent money) without him. So I may very well be living with my mother for a while until I can pack myself and little one off to lovely Devon. Feel like I’ve had a headache constantly for the past three weeks.

Tinder, and the men, and the submissive. God I don’t even know where to continue, so I’ve thrown my lot in with the submissive guy (mainly because I’m still free to do what I want, he’d actually quite like for me to shag other men) but I keep doubting whether I made the right decision? I’m still licking my wounds from the ex and to be honest I’ve had a few one night stands now all I bloody want at the moment is a nice hot bath and a cuddle not a fuck tone of kinky sex. This guy is lovely and sweet but god, this shit is so heavy! Have you guys seen male chastity devices, (can someone explain what happens if blokes get an erection in one?) they look like torture devices, & he would like me to send pictures of him to my friends (super worried about the revenge porn laws, sods law I’d be arrested for it!). The thought of purposefully degrading someone still isn’t sitting right with me & calling someone my slave makes me twitch. Its just too tempting though, after being cheated on and completely screwed over having a guy say “I’m yours” and knowing he means it, that I could actually lock his cock up if I wished. As much as I would love to be I am not some kinky sex goddess, I’m just a regular mum with a bit to much confidence and a passion for reading and early nights (lets hope the men don’t find out!). I like sex and would not want to go without it but its bloody exhausting chatting to all these people, think I’m just feeling sorry for myself this evening (which is not a good look for me!). I just want someone casual who I can be friends with and maybe shag sometime, is that to much to ask?

Right, I promise ill be much happier and less morbid next week! Just feel exhausted by my life at the moment and have no idea how to make it better.

Sub guy below (just want to lick that stomach am I right!)



One thought on “Eviction & erections

  1. Hot bath, cuddle and talking. No sex. Caring and listening. I could do it for good women for ever. People must sense because a lot of nasty men and women who don’t like real try to hack shit on me… lately I have just been going right through them. A lot changing these days. I hope you are being listened to x


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