Did you guys know cum is acidic?? I didn’t, now I’m sort of blind in one eye. Have washed it out with water as google suggested so lets hope there no trip to the emergency room and that I don’t get eye herpes.

So, I met another guy on tinder, Navy (again). He came round, I could not stop staring at him, muscles for miles!! Made me cum before he even put his cock in me so hopefully I can turn him into a booty call. No faffing about as well which was nice.

Had my boobs screenshotted from snap chat (thank god my face wasn’t in it!!) so I’m sure they’ll be out on the vast internet somewhere with everyone else’s boobs.

The ex (wanker) has agreed to go and see the housing officer later this week so I might not be getting evicted after all if we can come to some sort of arrangement (hopefully!).17028895_1386159094769827_662860469_n.jpg



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