No German sausage for me

Being the fabulous mother I am I have abandoned the child at school (and to the care of my mother) for the weekend to go on holiday with the Essex half of my family (they are exactly what you imagine). So I fly out to Germany tomorrow and will hopefully be sat next to some sexy man (probably not knowing my luck!) and wont freeze my ass off while over there. Period week for me so cant have any sexy German men which is a major downside but get away from all my life drama which is lovely, your allowed to drink at 10am when your on holiday right?? Side note were going for a 60th birthday – any good ideas for last minute presents?

I’ve also finally decided to take the plunge and move away, will be lovely to have a fresh start with my little one. Its both exciting and terrifying but I’m tiered of putting my life on hold for one reason or another, so gonna go somewhere new and kick ass!




Friends with benefits 

What do you do when a friend from work see’s you single and wants to become friends with benfits?? He hasn’t said so outright but I’m getting lots of signs (he actually handed me the DVD friends with benefits 😂(side note- good film)). I really don’t want to hurt his feeling but I want a drama free life (shagging someone from work (side note- his mum also works there)) is not drama free.

Had a chat with my sister yesterday aswell (she’s 13) & I truly realised for the first time how women who ‘sleep around’ are perceived. I hate the words “slut” and “slag” & find it rather ironic that blokes (who are percieved to ‘sleep around’ more than women) don’t have any equlivent insults. So I say screw it, if you want to go & have fun bloody do it, don’t let anyone try to you what your doing with your body is wrong (reckon there probably just jelous there not getting any!)

On the plus side I see I’ve got some followers (hyperventillating), feel like a kid when a teacher says good job!

Cheating, sex & children

So…… I haven’t posted in a while and LOTS has happened. Me and the ex got back together (yuk!) and I found out (through Facebook) of course that he was cheating on me (last week). Logically I dumped all his stuff at his mums (she was thrilled as you can imagine) and told him to have a good life with this new girl (who had a fiancée- split them up pretty quickly). So its been over a week now and he doesn’t seem bothered with seeing our son, saying that our son doesn’t seem to bothered with seeing him. He’s also paying maintained (a whole £20 a week- laughable) but hey that’s all over and done with. Met a lovely army lad on tinder (love tinder, its fab!) and brought him back to my place and f**ked his brains out (told him before hand he’s not to mention my wobbly bits) – made me feel much better about everything to be honest, I’m over the shock now. Onwards and upwards for me.

New years resolution for me is to do all three army, navy & RAF. Will add a marine in there if I can find one. After being with the same bloke since I was 15 (am 23 now) I am ready to explore and enjoy being single! 1/3 down after last weekend! Was the nicest army lad!

I was so frightened to be alone and just live alone without anyone there but god its bloody lovely & all the girls have rallied round and cheered me on (Girl power!)


Sexy army lad (yes I made him take a selfie so I could send it to the girls!)


Working girl


I have been BUSY!!

I now have a job (thank god!) Which is great because it means I don’t have to do anymore interviews (I really suck at them). I am working 20 hrs a week in a shop which suits me fine!

Me and “the boyfriend” had a good chat last night and decided we would stay together so long as we’re living together (hopefully not to much longer). Its auite hard to be “broken up” when you share a bed and most other things, dont think your allowed to pee with the door open either. It’s not that we don’t love each other anymore but more that we have just grown apart and we want different things, things that can’t be compromised over like children and marriage.

Just sorting out the finances before we can properly split and how do i tell all the families??

Eakk………. maybe we can just not mention it? 

Back to school

The kids are back in school – sucess!

Now with the little one out of the way I can focus on arranging chaos which is my life. 6 weeks is such a long time to try and entertain a child, especially when they have  no real concept of money. 

I am well on the way to getting a job and have an interview Friday. I am not good at interviews but hopefully the person doing the interview will look past my bumbling demeanour and see that I would be a decent worker bee.

I have also found somewhere to live (I know I could make “the boyfriend” move out when we split but I would rather leave since we don’t have a garden). Luckily my mother has just moved in with her boyfriend who now has an empty house right near my son’s school – win! So I shall move in when I have a job and have finally told “the boyfriend” that he’s “the ex boyfriend”. 

Bye for now!!