Who needs street corners when we have the internet

Interesting stuff has been happening!! So firstly a lady wants to interview me for my perfect job in Devon (pottery painting helper- love pottery painting!) so I am super pleased!! This does mean that I now actually have to tell the ex I’m moving and taking our son with us though which is scary. He’ll either shout or not care- not sure which one is worse at this point.

Ditched the sub, when pushed to produce a driving licence (always get a pic of a licence before I meet anyone incase I’m brutally murdered) there was suddenly a tone of excuses so I don’t know if he was a minor or what but am steering clear of that minefield!

Chatting to a guy with a 10″ cock (I got snapchats, I called bullshit at first aswell!) so gonna try and sit on that dick!

I am now on a sugar daddies/ sugar babies site, I figured since I like sex and money why don’t I try to find a way to combine to two. I know its kind of like prostitution (just with a nicer name) but i’m not against that to be honest, I think you should be able to sell your body if you want to (I could sell my hair if I wanted so why not my ladybits?). I’m chatting to a few people so I’m gonna see how this one pans out. Hopefully with a good dick & a wad of cash but probably a trip to the emergency room knowing my luck!





Tinder is a weird & wonderful place full of wankers, fuckboys, cheaters, weirdos and the occasional normal person. 

But yesterday I matched with & got chatting to someone who didn’t fit completely into any of those categories (as far as I know anyway). I found a submissive guy, now I know what your thinking but wipe it from your head as he’s gorgeous but still I thought it was a play at first (hook a girl in act like she can do what she wants ect) but after chatting for a while i am now (possibly through my own niavity) conviced he’s what he appears to be which is more frightning than anything else. I have so many questions im nearly bursting! Think I’m gonna take him out for coffee, logically I know he’s an adult but I get the vunerable vibe I just can’t ignore! And I(in hindsight) stupidly gave him a link to my blog so he’s probably reading this 🙈

The thought of him watching me shag other men is appealing though, been screwed over by the ex so badly the thought of control is tempting but I just don’t think I’m equipt to deal with it, I’m not particularly dominant either. To much potential for me to screw him over. He’s such a lovely guy I wouldn’t want to hurt him so might just shag him once, give him a stern warning women and mabey stay mates so i can vaugely look out for him?? 

Anyone have any form of experience with stuff like this, I’m soooo out of my depth, am keeping an open mind though 

Cheating, sex & children

So…… I haven’t posted in a while and LOTS has happened. Me and the ex got back together (yuk!) and I found out (through Facebook) of course that he was cheating on me (last week). Logically I dumped all his stuff at his mums (she was thrilled as you can imagine) and told him to have a good life with this new girl (who had a fiancée- split them up pretty quickly). So its been over a week now and he doesn’t seem bothered with seeing our son, saying that our son doesn’t seem to bothered with seeing him. He’s also paying maintained (a whole £20 a week- laughable) but hey that’s all over and done with. Met a lovely army lad on tinder (love tinder, its fab!) and brought him back to my place and f**ked his brains out (told him before hand he’s not to mention my wobbly bits) – made me feel much better about everything to be honest, I’m over the shock now. Onwards and upwards for me.

New years resolution for me is to do all three army, navy & RAF. Will add a marine in there if I can find one. After being with the same bloke since I was 15 (am 23 now) I am ready to explore and enjoy being single! 1/3 down after last weekend! Was the nicest army lad!

I was so frightened to be alone and just live alone without anyone there but god its bloody lovely & all the girls have rallied round and cheered me on (Girl power!)


Sexy army lad (yes I made him take a selfie so I could send it to the girls!)