Germany, ohhh Germany, was a terrible little rural village (no costa or Starbucks!) but I had a fab night at the party got thoroughly slaughtered on German beer and chatted up a bartender (who was about 65). I didn’t embarrass myself to badly though which is the main thing.

The ex (wanker) messaged me today and asked to introduce the home wrecker to our son (been less than a month since I found out he was cheating) so told him that would be a firm fucking no.

Shagged a sailor so now only need an airman to complete the services set. Unfortunately I found the sailor on Facebook & he’s engaged!! What am I meant to do in this situation?? Do I tell the girl? he knows where I live, this is not the drama free shag I needed! Told him he needs to tell her & he blocked me! Poor girl doesn’t even know she’s being cheated on. Such a shame, he was a good shag, quite freaky but I liked it.

Navy wanker below!




Friends with benefits 

What do you do when a friend from work see’s you single and wants to become friends with benfits?? He hasn’t said so outright but I’m getting lots of signs (he actually handed me the DVD friends with benefits 😂(side note- good film)). I really don’t want to hurt his feeling but I want a drama free life (shagging someone from work (side note- his mum also works there)) is not drama free.

Had a chat with my sister yesterday aswell (she’s 13) & I truly realised for the first time how women who ‘sleep around’ are perceived. I hate the words “slut” and “slag” & find it rather ironic that blokes (who are percieved to ‘sleep around’ more than women) don’t have any equlivent insults. So I say screw it, if you want to go & have fun bloody do it, don’t let anyone try to you what your doing with your body is wrong (reckon there probably just jelous there not getting any!)

On the plus side I see I’ve got some followers (hyperventillating), feel like a kid when a teacher says good job!