Germany, ohhh Germany, was a terrible little rural village (no costa or Starbucks!) but I had a fab night at the party got thoroughly slaughtered on German beer and chatted up a bartender (who was about 65). I didn’t embarrass myself to badly though which is the main thing.

The ex (wanker) messaged me today and asked to introduce the home wrecker to our son (been less than a month since I found out he was cheating) so told him that would be a firm fucking no.

Shagged a sailor so now only need an airman to complete the services set. Unfortunately I found the sailor on Facebook & he’s engaged!! What am I meant to do in this situation?? Do I tell the girl? he knows where I live, this is not┬áthe drama free shag I needed! Told him he needs to tell her & he blocked me! Poor girl doesn’t even know she’s being cheated on.┬áSuch a shame, he was a good shag, quite freaky but I liked it.

Navy wanker below!