Tinder is a weird & wonderful place full of wankers, fuckboys, cheaters, weirdos and the occasional normal person. 

But yesterday I matched with & got chatting to someone who didn’t fit completely into any of those categories (as far as I know anyway). I found a submissive guy, now I know what your thinking but wipe it from your head as he’s gorgeous but still I thought it was a play at first (hook a girl in act like she can do what she wants ect) but after chatting for a while i am now (possibly through my own niavity) conviced he’s what he appears to be which is more frightning than anything else. I have so many questions im nearly bursting! Think I’m gonna take him out for coffee, logically I know he’s an adult but I get the vunerable vibe I just can’t ignore! And I(in hindsight) stupidly gave him a link to my blog so he’s probably reading this 🙈

The thought of him watching me shag other men is appealing though, been screwed over by the ex so badly the thought of control is tempting but I just don’t think I’m equipt to deal with it, I’m not particularly dominant either. To much potential for me to screw him over. He’s such a lovely guy I wouldn’t want to hurt him so might just shag him once, give him a stern warning women and mabey stay mates so i can vaugely look out for him?? 

Anyone have any form of experience with stuff like this, I’m soooo out of my depth, am keeping an open mind though