Who needs street corners when we have the internet

Interesting stuff has been happening!! So firstly a lady wants to interview me for my perfect job in Devon (pottery painting helper- love pottery painting!) so I am super pleased!! This does mean that I now actually have to tell the ex I’m moving and taking our son with us though which is scary. He’ll either shout or not care- not sure which one is worse at this point.

Ditched the sub, when pushed to produce a driving licence (always get a pic of a licence before I meet anyone incase I’m brutally murdered) there was suddenly a tone of excuses so I don’t know if he was a minor or what but am steering clear of that minefield!

Chatting to a guy with a 10″ cock (I got snapchats, I called bullshit at first aswell!) so gonna try and sit on that dick!

I am now on a sugar daddies/ sugar babies site, I figured since I like sex and money why don’t I try to find a way to combine to two. I know its kind of like prostitution (just with a nicer name) but i’m not against that to be honest, I think you should be able to sell your body if you want to (I could sell my hair if I wanted so why not my ladybits?). I’m chatting to a few people so I’m gonna see how this one pans out. Hopefully with a good dick & a wad of cash but probably a trip to the emergency room knowing my luck!